Riser Releases New Television Commercial: “Chameleon”

November 5, 2013
Contact: Ryan Cross

Today, the Neil Riser for Congress campaign released a new television commercial, “Chameleon,” that highlights Vance McAllister’s various positions on Obamacare.

“We need someone in Washington with the backbone to stand up to the political establishment,” Senator Neil Riser said. “Vance’s various positions on Obamacare show that he is not ready to stand up to President Obama and the Washington crowd. It is apparent that he is willing to change his position on Obamacare depending on which group he’s addressing. As your congressman, I’ll shoot straight with you every time and fight to repeal Obamacare.”

Here is a transcript of the commercial:

“Vance McAllister said he was ‘against’ Obamacare ‘100%’ (The Moon Griffon Show, 10/21/2013). But the press said that the same Vance McAllister ‘embraced Obamacare’ (Concordia Sentinel, 10/1/2013) when talking to a Democrat forum. On his campaign website, Vance says he’ll ‘fight to repeal Obamacare’ (www.mcallisterforcongress.com/issues). But just recently Vance McAllister told reporters that Obamacare is constitutional and ‘we’re past the point of repealing it’ (The Town Talk, 9/29/2013). Tired of politician double talk? Vote Neil Riser, he’ll shoot you straight. I’m Neil Riser, and I approve this message.”


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