Neil Riser: “The Federal Government is out of control”

Today, State Senator Neil Riser condemned the federal government’s invasion of U.S. citizens’ privacy after documents were released detailing the Obama Administration’s abuse of domestic phone data surveillance.

“The federal government is out of control,” Riser said. “The IRS, the NSA and the entire Obama Administration have misled the American people and completely lost their trust. Does the Bill of Rights mean nothing to this administration? They’re invading our privacy, trying to take away our right to bear arms, circumventing due process and criticizing those who speak out about it.”

Riser’s comments were made shortly after federal officials released previously classified documents showing the abuse of domestic spying programs.

According to a report by the USA Today, “The documents say officials accessed domestic phone numbers that weren’t properly shown to have a deep enough connection to a terrorism investigation to warrant monitoring.”

“When I get to Congress, my constituents can count on me to ask the tough questions,” Riser added. “I want to go to Washington to stand up for our traditional Louisiana values and to shake things up.”

When asked if he thinks he will be able to break through the gridlock in Washington, Riser said, “Remember, Obamacare passed by a one vote margin. When I get to Washington D.C., you can bet the people of Fifth District will be heard.”


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